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    Material: bamboo

    Usage: humidity control

    Shape: split

    Type: bamboo charcoal

    Size: 2-5cm

    Due to its porosity, bamboo charcoal is able to absorb moisture in the air better than other types of charcoal




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  • BBQ charcoal

    We have the highest quality barbecue charcoal Material Longan, Eucalyptus, Acacia Length 5cm、30 cm Diameter 2.5-5cm Inner carton box 3kg-26.8x17.9x17cm 6kg- 35.8×26.4x17cm 10kg-35.8×26.8×27.5 cm

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  • Coco Husk Chips

    SPECIFICATION -Ratio: 70% husk chips and 30% coco peat– Moisture: <16%<EC: <0.5mS/cm-Tannin, lignin: <10%– pH: 5.5-6.5– EC: < 0.5mS/cm– Chunks Size:+ S: 8-12 mm+ M: 12-18 mm+ L: 18-24 mm PACKAGING – Packed 5kg or 25kg in poly bagsor carton … Read More

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  • Coco Peat Seed Starters

    SPECIFICATION – Total N: 2.51% – Organic substance: 82.01% – PH: 5.5-6.5 – EC: < 0.5mS/cm – Insects: Not detected – P2O5: 0.05% – K2O: 0.4% – E.coli: <10CFU/g – Samonella qualititive: Not detected – Weight: 3.0-3.2gr/pc – Dimension after … Read More

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  • Coconut coir sheet

    SPECIFICATION – Thickeness: 5mm-10mm – Length: 1m-10m/roll – Color: yellowish brown – Total humidity (ARB): <20% – Dust: < 4% – Customized as request: disc, square, rectangular… PACKAGING According to customer request USAGE – Plant liners – Weed control in … Read More

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    Material: charcoal powder
    Usage: BBQ, burning starter for other kinds of charcoal
    Shape: Cylinder, square
    Type: compress charcoal
    Length: 5cm
    Diameter: 5cm
    Ash: 15-20%
    Total moisture: 4%
    Carbonization rate: 70-80%


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  • Non-cylinder Black charcoal

    Type: Non-cylinder Black charcoal

    Material: Eucalyptus, Longan
    Use: BBQ, humidity control
    Shape: split
    Ash: 3-5%
    Total moisture: 4%
    Carbonization rate: 91.15%







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  • Nosuke Binchotan

    L size: 10-40cm

    Cut: 5-5.5cm

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  • Pots made of coconut fiber

    SPECIFICATION – Size : (D x H x Th) 48 x 57 x 0.5cm – Color: yellowish brown – Total humidity (ARB): <20% – Dust: < 4% PACKAGING – 10 PCS/box USAGE – Holding water – Allow the roots grow … Read More

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    Material: wood sawdust
    Usage: burning in heater, make sawdust briquette charcoal
    Shape: square, hexagon
    Diameter: 3.8-4.5 cm


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  • sawdust briquette charcoal

    Internal capacity in 1 box Packing size Origin Length 10㎏ 470x210x170(mm) Indonesia 10-40cm

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  • Sawdust Briquette Charcoal (SBC)

    Type: Sawdust Briquette Charcoal (SBC) 

    Material: sawdust

    Application: BBQ

    Shape: square, hexagon

    Length: 5-30cm

    Diameter: 3.8cm

    Ash: 3-5%

    Total moisture: 4%

    Carbonization rate: 90.84%








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