Not only focusing in charcoal, Yen Kana has also expanded product range with grilling equipments.

There are equipments for restaurant use such as BBQ nets, and equipments for home use such as charcoal pot, tripod.

These products are made from refractory materials so it is durable even when being used long time with very high- temperature charcoal.

Our grilling equipments are widely favorited by Japanese customers


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  • Charcoal pot

    Name: charcoal pot

    Material: diatomite soil


    Made of diatomite with high heat insulation

    Charcoal pot with an air window can adjust the heating power

    Because it comes with a stand, you can use it on a table

    Shape: round, rectangle

    Size: D25H18cm/ D29H18.5cm/ L41W24H17cm/ D26H23cm




    not rated
  • Disposable BBQ net

    Name: Disposable BBQ Net/ Kanami

    Material: Stainless Steel

    Shape: Cirle, Square

    Form: flat, trapezoid, dorm

    Size: D 27cm/ D28cm


    not rated
  • Folding BBQ grill

    Name: Folding BBQ grill
    Material: INOX SUS304
    Size L: 45x45x30cm, 11kg 6~10people
    Size M: 35x35x23cm, 6kg 3~5people
    – Lightweight
    – Easy to assemble
    – Durable, stainless

    not rated
  • Tripod for charcoal pot

    Name: tripod for charcoal pot/ uwaki

    Material: iron cast


    This tripot for charcoal pot helps to adjust heat that is suitable to grill meat, corn,.. without turning black

    Due to being made from iron cast, it is so durable to use for such a long time

    Size: D27.5xD18.5cm

    Made in Vietnam






    not rated
  • Ventilatory part of charcoal pot

    Name: ventilatory part of charcoal pot/ imono sunoko

    Material: iron cast


    – Used for fire stoves.

    – It is thicker than a normal one.

    – Since it is made of iron cast, there is no worry of breaking, so it is safe

    • Please note that ventilatory part of charcoal pot may rust

    Size: Diameter 10.3cm・21cm

    Thickness: 0.7-1 cm








    not rated
  • Washable BBQ Net

    Name: Washable BBQ Net/ Kanami

    Material: Inox 304

    Shape: flat round, trapezoid round

    Features: The surface of washable BBQ Net is smooth.

    It is surrounded by the durable edges.

    You can use safely.

    Usage: Used at yakiniku (BBQ) restaurants.

    Size: D 27-28cm



    not rated