Wooden products have become an integral part of our lives,

especially in the architectural field.

In Vietnam, many traditional craft villages have

a long time experience in working with wood.

This is a reason why supplying wooden products

is one of Yenkana’s strength


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  • Kui square

    Type: Kui square

    Material: Wooden

    Color: Natural

    Usage/Function: It is used in land surveying









    not rated
  • Red white pole

    Type: Red white pole

    Material: Wooden with Iron chop


    It is used for measuring

    and marking, especially guiding drivers in snowy areas…


    Iron chop: 8cm

    Length: 200cm & 300cm

    Length of each paint range: 20cm

    Shape: Smoothsurface, straight pole

    Packing: 20 pieces/box

    Box size 200cm: 210x17x13cm

    Box size 300cm: 310x20x16cm








    not rated
  • Kui (round)

    Type: Kui (round)

    Material: Wooden

    Usage/Function: It is used in land surveying,

    Color: Natural


    – 60x900mm

    – 60x1200mm






    not rated
  • Disposable wooden chopsticks

    Type: Disposable wooden chopsticks

    Material: Magnolia


    This type of disposable chopsticks are easy to split

    Users can find it easy to grab food with precision

    Color: Natural


    Size/Dimension (each pair):

    Length: 203mm

    Top diameter: 12.8mm

    Bottom diameter: 7.5mm



    50 pairs/pack

    80 packs/ box

    Pack size: 140mmx30mmx205mm


    100 pairs/pack

    40 packs/box

    Pack size: 170mmx30mmx205mm








    not rated
  • Multi-purpose stake

    Multi-purpose stake

    Used for

    • fixing tunnel, house

    • covering sheets

    • fixing ropes

    • fixing reflective sheets

    • Agricultural work

    Black only

    Suitable for

    • Rope fence terminals

    • Columns exposed

    not rated
  • Square stake


    • rope fences
    • chain fences
    • fix net columns
    • fix signboards

    Abundantly available

    Excellent durability & strength


    Easy to handle




    not rated
  • Boundary stake

    Boundary stakes

    • Excellent durability
    • strength 

    Used for:

    • rope fences
    • chain fences
    • fix net columns
    • fix signboards


    • Light
    • Easy to handle
    • better than wooden piles
    • does not corrode
    • can be reproduced
    not rated
  • Wood stake

    • suitable for punching
    • change about verses

    & knot

    • does not affect

    the natural environment

    not rated
  • Pole Wood Red White

    Used for:

    • photography
    • location verification
    • metering


    • Light
    • water resistant
    • does not rust
    • quickly fix it
    not rated