Stakes and measure tool

Baked stake/ white stake

Use a wooden core

high-quality piles

hard to break

  • Roasted piles:

An antiseptic method

surface is burned

dyes its with oil

have antiseptic effect

  • White stakes

beautiful products

landscaping stanchions 


Product nameSizeQuantityJAN code
Baked stake60Øx 900mm54991095800544
Baked stake60Øx 1200mm54991095800551
Baked stake60Øx 1500mm54991095800568
Baked stake60Øx 1800mm54991095800575
Product nameSizeQuantityJAN code
white stake60Øx 900mm54942088000506
white stake60Øx 1200mm54942088000513
white stake60Øx 1500mm5494208800520
white stake60Øx 1800mm54991095800537


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