Non-cylinder Black charcoal

Type: Non-cylinder Black charcoal

Material: Eucalyptus, Longan
Use: BBQ, humidity control
Shape: split
Ash: 3-5%
Total moisture: 4%
Carbonization rate: 91.15%







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Type: Non-cylinder Black charcoal

In Vietnam, the material for making it is mangroves, longan, eucalyptus.

To make black charcoal, they carbonize the wood. It is burned with little air. The temperature is 400 – 700 °C. Subsequently, the technician seals the kiln. Until the burning stops, the heat slowly dies away. Therefore, the surface of charcoal turns black. Black charcoal is soft. It retains the outer layer of the wood. As a result, it is easy to ignite. Black charcoal also burns hot enough to use as fuel. Individuals would like to use black charcoal. People use it in tea ceremony. They also use it daily cooking.

Almost all charcoals in the world are soft black charcoal.

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Black charcoal

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