Sawdust Briquette Charcoal (SBC)

Type: Sawdust Briquette Charcoal (SBC) 

Material: sawdust

Application: BBQ

Shape: square, hexagon

Length: 5-30cm

Diameter: 3.8cm

Ash: 3-5%

Total moisture: 4%

Carbonization rate: 90.84%








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In Vietnam, most of SBC factories burn charcoal by rectangular kilns in 13-20 days. Then, they cool down charcoal naturally within the kiln. It improves the quality of grade-A charcoal.

SBC has 2 shape:

Generally, square shape is in great demand in Japan. While hexagon shape is accepted in every other countries. People produce SBC from compressed sawdust with no chemical. SBC has a high burning temperature. It also has quite long burning time. It is about 3 hours over 650 Celcius degree. Consumers would like to use SBC.

Materialcompressed sawdust
UseFor barbecue
Calorie8500cal / g (or more)
AshLess than 4%


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