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  • Straw net hat (for men)

    Straw net hat (for men) is a convenient item. 

    It is used for outdoor activities, farm work,…

    Protect your face from insects.

    It is an insect repellent net.

    You definitely want to use for outdoor activities.

    Easy to install.

    Simply spread the net.

    Put the hat from top.


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  • Straw net hat (for women)

    Straw net hat (for women) is a convenient item for outdoor activities.

    Protect your face from insects.

    It is an insect repellent net.

    It protects UV rays.


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  • Straw truman hat

    Product number SH-2000 Color pattern Black ribbon Product name Straw Hat Code number 4991095130016

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  • Stretch film

    Stretch film is easy to use

    Because it is for hand-rolled

    • standard for pallet transportation
    • excellent waterproof
    • dustproof
    • antifouling effects
    • prevention of cargo collapse
    • easy to wind
    • practical strength
    • reducing the thickness
    • makes the outer diameter compact
    • improves storage efficiency
    • reduces plastic waste
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  • Sun shield straw hat

    Sun shield straw hat can be widely used for:

    Agricultural work

    A straw hat for women.

    It protects your body from light.

    Block the sun,

    Prevent the wind from blowing your hat.

    Please tie it in front of you.

    Recommended for outdoor work.

    Because it is a cool material.

    This product protects the neck from UV rays.

    So it is effective against UV rays.

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    Material: Bamboo skin

    Usage/Function: Taro peeling

    Type: Taro-peeling basket/ Satoimo

    Color: Natural


    Top Dia: 15cm

    Bottom Dia: 17cm

    H: 50cm

    Packing: 9 pcs/box

    MOQ/Min Order: 50



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  • Tripod for charcoal pot

    Name: tripod for charcoal pot/ uwaki

    Material: iron cast


    This tripot for charcoal pot helps to adjust heat that is suitable to grill meat, corn,.. without turning black

    Due to being made from iron cast, it is so durable to use for such a long time

    Size: D27.5xD18.5cm

    Made in Vietnam






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  • Underhood with wind lanyard

    Underhood with wind lanyard is perfect for farming

    You can also use it for gardening.

    You wear a straw hat.

    It will absorb sweat well.

    So you can work efficiently.

    Sweat won’t get in your eyes.

    It is made of 100% wooden.

    It makes you feel cool even in the summer.

    It is also easy to wash.

    So you can use it cleanly.

    Please contact us.



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  • UV dirt bag/ red line bag

    Size 480 x 620 mm

    50 sheets x 8 (400 sheets)

    Made by mixing a UV agent

    with a PE clay bag

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  • Ventilatory part of charcoal pot

    Name: ventilatory part of charcoal pot/ imono sunoko

    Material: iron cast


    – Used for fire stoves.

    – It is thicker than a normal one.

    – Since it is made of iron cast, there is no worry of breaking, so it is safe

    • Please note that ventilatory part of charcoal pot may rust

    Size: Diameter 10.3cm・21cm

    Thickness: 0.7-1 cm








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  • Washable BBQ Net

    Name: Washable BBQ Net/ Kanami

    Material: Inox 304

    Shape: flat round, trapezoid round

    Features: The surface of washable BBQ Net is smooth.

    It is surrounded by the durable edges.

    You can use safely.

    Usage: Used at yakiniku (BBQ) restaurants.

    Size: D 27-28cm



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  • Washed coconut peat

    PRODUCT Washed coconut peat SPECIFICATION – Weight: 5kg – Size: 30 x 30 x 12cm – Moisture : < 15% – PH: 5.5 – 6.5 – EC: < 0.5mS/cm – Compression ratio: 5:1 – Expansion: 70-75 liters/block PACKAGING Compressed into … Read More

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