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  • Record Roll Tape

    A string for binding made from HDPE

    (high density polyethylene)


    not rated
  • Red white pole

    Type: Red white pole

    Material: Wooden with Iron chop


    It is used for measuring

    and marking, especially guiding drivers in snowy areas…


    Iron chop: 8cm

    Length: 200cm & 300cm

    Length of each paint range: 20cm

    Shape: Smoothsurface, straight pole

    Packing: 20 pieces/box

    Box size 200cm: 210x17x13cm

    Box size 300cm: 310x20x16cm








    not rated
  • Reel with 2 sticks

    Reel with 2 sticks:

    Used for farmland cultivation

    Convenient for planting rice…

    After planting rice with a thread

    It can be easily rolled up

    Overall length 750 mm

    Width 200 mm

    There is no thread include

    Out of the reach of children

    If you have any questions

    Please contact us

    not rated
  • Related Shovel round plate/ square plate

    The non-slip function

    Fit in your hand

    Make the grip easy to grip

    Durability is outstanding

    After use, clean it

    Store it in a safe place

    Out of the reach of children

    Please feel free to contact us

    not rated
  • Replaceable blade rake

    A replaceable blade rake

    Uses an aluminum pipe handle

    With a replaceable head plate

    The spare plate is made of wood

    Aluminum pipe: handle

    The handle’s length: 1600 mm

    The handle is thickened

    Ideal for leveling work

    Purposes: agricultural work

    not rated
  • REX aluminum scoop coal # 3

    For gardening:

    a wide variety of soil farming tools

    Easy-to-use gardening supplies

    • rakes
    • shovels (Korigami Joren)

    You can find the product



    not rated
  • REX aluminum shovel #5

    For gardening:

    we have REX aluminum shovel #5

    Easy-to-use gardening supplies

    You can find your product

    Resistant to rust


    not rated
  • Rex Hoe

    Overall length Tip width Head length Quantity 980mm 285mm 303mm 12丁

    not rated
  • Rope Guide

    Made from steel

    Hard to break

    Useful for:

    • securing restricted areas
    • displaying divisions!

    Use for

    • tent ropes,
    • tarp ropes,
    • guy ropes,
    • guide ropes,
    • for packing, etc.
    not rated

    Material: wood sawdust
    Usage: burning in heater, make sawdust briquette charcoal
    Shape: square, hexagon
    Diameter: 3.8-4.5 cm


    not rated
  • sawdust briquette charcoal

    Internal capacity in 1 box Packing size Origin Length 10㎏ 470x210x170(mm) Indonesia 10-40cm

    not rated
  • Sawdust Briquette Charcoal (SBC)

    Type: Sawdust Briquette Charcoal (SBC) 

    Material: sawdust

    Application: BBQ

    Shape: square, hexagon

    Length: 5-30cm

    Diameter: 3.8cm

    Ash: 3-5%

    Total moisture: 4%

    Carbonization rate: 90.84%








    not rated