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Folding BBQ grill

Name: Folding BBQ grill
Material: INOX SUS304
Size L: 45x45x30cm, 11kg 6~10people
Size M: 35x35x23cm, 6kg 3~5people
– Lightweight
– Easy to assemble
– Durable, stainless

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Sawdust briquette charcoal making process

Let’s find out the making process of sawdust briquette charcoal! Step 1: Collecting sawdust There is a wide range of raw wooden materials such as wood branches that are crushed into the powder size. Besides, sawdust is directly collected from … Read More


木炭 備長炭 BBQ木炭-割木炭 オガ備長炭-四角 簡単着火成型炭 竹炭-床下調湿炭 オガライト 続きを読む 農業用品 竹笠茶布付 竹笠白布付 竹笠 竹笠魚柄 竹笠五徳 続きを読む 有機肥料 粉末 顆粒 続きを読む お問い合わせ 当社の専門家にご照会ください。  あなたの連絡先情報を残して大歓迎です。 確かに、すぐに連絡します。   ベトナム駐在員事務所 YENKANA Company Limited ベトナム、ハノイ市、Cau Giay 区、49 Trung Kinh 通、6階 お電話ください 助けるために ここにいます + 84 09 866 … Read More

Useful Grilling Tips
Useful Grilling Tips

Why do odor spread across the house and the floor becomes sticky when I cook yakiniku at home? In fact, the main cause is “oil mist,” which is generated by heating the fat that exudes when you grill meat. The … Read More

Disposable wooden chopsticks

Type: Disposable wooden chopsticks

Material: Magnolia


This type of disposable chopsticks are easy to split

Users can find it easy to grab food with precision

Color: Natural


Size/Dimension (each pair):

Length: 203mm

Top diameter: 12.8mm

Bottom diameter: 7.5mm



50 pairs/pack

80 packs/ box

Pack size: 140mmx30mmx205mm


100 pairs/pack

40 packs/box

Pack size: 170mmx30mmx205mm








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Kui (round)

Type: Kui (round)

Material: Wooden

Usage/Function: It is used in land surveying,

Color: Natural


– 60x900mm

– 60x1200mm






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Ventilatory part of charcoal pot

Name: ventilatory part of charcoal pot/ imono sunoko

Material: iron cast


– Used for fire stoves.

– It is thicker than a normal one.

– Since it is made of iron cast, there is no worry of breaking, so it is safe

  • Please note that ventilatory part of charcoal pot may rust

Size: Diameter 10.3cm・21cm

Thickness: 0.7-1 cm








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Tripod for charcoal pot

Name: tripod for charcoal pot/ uwaki

Material: iron cast


This tripot for charcoal pot helps to adjust heat that is suitable to grill meat, corn,.. without turning black

Due to being made from iron cast, it is so durable to use for such a long time

Size: D27.5xD18.5cm

Made in Vietnam






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