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How to Grill in the Rain

Picture this: you’ve invited all your friends and family over for a backyard barbecue. You’ve set up the buffet with all your superb side dishes, and the meat and veggies are marinating in the fridge. Next thing you know, Mother … Read More

Rope Guide

Made from steel

Hard to break

Useful for:

  • securing restricted areas
  • displaying divisions!

Use for

  • tent ropes,
  • tarp ropes,
  • guy ropes,
  • guide ropes,
  • for packing, etc.

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Pole Wood Red White

Used for:

  • photography
  • location verification
  • metering


  • Light
  • water resistant
  • does not rust
  • quickly fix it

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Wood stake
  • suitable for punching
  • change about verses

& knot

  • does not affect

the natural environment

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Baked stake/ white stake

Use a wooden core

high-quality piles

hard to break

  • Roasted piles:

An antiseptic method

surface is burned

dyes its with oil

have antiseptic effect

  • White stakes

beautiful products

landscaping stanchions 

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Boundary stake

Boundary stakes

  • Excellent durability
  • strength 

Used for:

  • rope fences
  • chain fences
  • fix net columns
  • fix signboards


  • Light
  • Easy to handle
  • better than wooden piles
  • does not corrode
  • can be reproduced

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