Packing products can be used as ties for agriculture, fishing industry, and general industry.
It is a product of stable quality that can be packed tightly and does not break during use.
It is resistant to ultraviolet rays and is suitable for outdoor use.
An environmentally friendly tape. It is extremely durable.
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  • PP rope

    PP rope is a polypropylene rope.

    Used for packing work

    If the surface is heat-treated

    the cut end will not easily fray

    It is:

    • Eat-welded with several tapes
    • Strength
    • Has varies depending on the thickness

    Used for landscaping work:

    • Hanging snow
    • Bending tree branches
    • Protecting steel pipes, etc. ..
    not rated
  • Record Roll Tape

    A string for binding made from HDPE

    (high density polyethylene)


    not rated
  • Ace Rope Diamond Tape

    Ace Rope Diamond Tape:

    A standard packing product

    not rated
  • Stretch film

    Stretch film is easy to use

    Because it is for hand-rolled

    • standard for pallet transportation
    • excellent waterproof
    • dustproof
    • antifouling effects
    • prevention of cargo collapse
    • easy to wind
    • practical strength
    • reducing the thickness
    • makes the outer diameter compact
    • improves storage efficiency
    • reduces plastic waste
    not rated