Stakes and measure tool are available in a wide variety of sizes at affordable prices.
It is a product for a large area that is used a lot and for the farming season. Please choose the size that suits your needs.
It has excellent durability and does not corrode or deteriorate.
Ideal for measuring companies, land improvement, and private sector stakes for land surveys.It can also be used for grasslands, clay soil, forests, sands, paddy fields, etc.

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  • Multi-purpose stake

    Multi-purpose stake

    Used for

    • fixing tunnel, house

    • covering sheets

    • fixing ropes

    • fixing reflective sheets

    • Agricultural work

    Black only

    Suitable for

    • Rope fence terminals

    • Columns exposed

    not rated
  • Square stake


    • rope fences
    • chain fences
    • fix net columns
    • fix signboards

    Abundantly available

    Excellent durability & strength


    Easy to handle




    not rated
  • Boundary stake

    Boundary stakes

    • Excellent durability
    • strength 

    Used for:

    • rope fences
    • chain fences
    • fix net columns
    • fix signboards


    • Light
    • Easy to handle
    • better than wooden piles
    • does not corrode
    • can be reproduced
    not rated
  • Baked stake/ white stake

    Use a wooden core

    high-quality piles

    hard to break

    • Roasted piles:

    An antiseptic method

    surface is burned

    dyes its with oil

    have antiseptic effect

    • White stakes

    beautiful products

    landscaping stanchions 

    not rated
  • Wood stake

    • suitable for punching
    • change about verses

    & knot

    • does not affect

    the natural environment

    not rated
  • Flat Sheet red white

    Used for:

    • surveying
    • marking boundaries
    • during snowfall.
    • civil engineering
    • building foundation
    not rated
  • Pole Wood Red White

    Used for:

    • photography
    • location verification
    • metering


    • Light
    • water resistant
    • does not rust
    • quickly fix it
    not rated
  • Rope Guide

    Made from steel

    Hard to break

    Useful for:

    • securing restricted areas
    • displaying divisions!

    Use for

    • tent ropes,
    • tarp ropes,
    • guy ropes,
    • guide ropes,
    • for packing, etc.
    not rated