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    Product name: Natural stones

    Rough (crushed stone gravel)

    Material: Stones

    Usage/Function: Landscaping, garden decoration, patio pavers etc

    Type: Gardening stones (Rough)

    Color: Crystal White, Dark Yellow, Natural Pink, Light Yellow

    Standard sizes (mm): 2×4, 4×5, 5×7, 10×15, 15×25 40×50, 50×70, 70×100

    This kind of natural stone will impress you with its natural beauty.

    It can be used as security stones as decorative stones in the garden!

    When you use our natural stones, your garden will quickly become outstanding.

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    We have exported to Japan.


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  • HOE

    Type: Hoe

    Color: Black

    Usage/Function: cultivate the soil

    Material: Cast iron & steel



    90mm blade

    Width: 230mm

    Total length: 170mm

    Length (in the middle of the blade): 90mm


    105mm blade

    Width: 230mm

    Total length: 170mm

    Length (in the middle of the blade): 105mm










    not rated


    Body: Plastic

    Shower head: stainless steel

    Usage/Function: Watering gardens

    Type: Water can (4 liters ~ 6 liters)

    Color: Green



    4 liters:

    Length: 65cm

    High: 18cm

    Tube length: 24cm


    6 liters:

    Length: 72cm

    High: 22cm

    Bottom dimension: 25x19cm

    Tube length: 24cm


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