White charcoal

Material: Mai Tiew, Lychee, Konia
Usage: BBQ, used during a tea ceremony (oak charcoal), water filter, cosmetics production
Shape: Cylinder, Split
Type: White charcoal
Length: 5-30cm
Large: 4-6cm
Medium: 2-4 cm
Small: 1.5-2 cm
Ash: 4%
Total moisture: 4%
Carbonization rate: 91.15%














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White charcoal is a high-class charcoal. It thanks to its special manufacturing process as follows. Wood is carbonized gradually at a low temperature first. At the end of the process, it raises to high temperature (1000oC). Then, they take out charcoal from the kiln. The result is highly dense charcoal with a carbon content of about 93-95%. White charcoal is very hard. It may take more time to start burning. But the burning time is long. The temperature can reach a higher degree compared to other kinds of charcoal. While the ash remained is very little ( less than 4%). People use it for many purposes. Such as BBQ, water-purifying, scent remover, electromagnetic waves absorber. Material for making it is hardwood timber. They make it from maitew (Laos), Konia, lychee, longan, eucalyptus (Vietnam).

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Oak charcoal

used during a tea ceremony, fuel, domestic charcoal, eco-friendly


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